Facebook: How You Can Organise Your Buddies Into Lists

You may have used Facebook for some time now, collecting buddies, delivering messages for them, making status updates or browsing people’s pages. At some stage you may want to sort your buddies into some sub groups to obtain a better overview. Today I will highlight why and just how this can be advantageous.

Exactly what is a friend list?

Let us create a obvious distinction: If you wish to group your buddies into smaller sized groups, for instance “family” and “buddies” just for your own personel use, Facebook refers to this as a ‘Friend List’. You may also create groups which are public, but that’s a subject for an additional article.

What’s the reason for sorting buddies into lists?

Whenever your quantity of buddies goes over a couple of hundred, you might like to send certain updates to simply a couple of of individuals or you might like to, for instance, upload an album only for your loved ones. Friend Lists enables you to definitely organize your buddies and also to target privacy settings.

How do i sort my buddies into lists?

Initially you have to create and personalize your personal Friend Lists. Stick to the steps described below:

1. Visit the buddies page. You’ll find this by hitting the ‘Friends’ link within the left column on any page. You’ll find friend’s demands on top (for those who have any unconfirmed demands), adopted by buddies who’ve just lately updated their profile picture at the base.

2. Click ‘Edit Friends’ within the top right corner. This can make you a webpage using the buddies. The button right beneath the word ‘Friends’ states ‘recently interacted’ also it shows the buddies with that you’ve lately interacted with.

3. If this sounds like the first list to produce, click the ‘Create a List’ button within the top right corner, on a single line because the word ‘Friends’.

4. Within the pop-up window, which reveals, enter a reputation from the list you need to create, for instance: “Family”, “Buddies” or “Classmates – chose your personal appropriate reputation for the very first list you need to create.

5. Next find the buddies you need to add list, either by selecting all of them with the images below or by typing their name within the search engine just over the images of your buddies.

6. Click ‘Create List’

7. Once produced you can include more by hitting the button link known as ‘Add Multiple’ or by visiting the buddies page (step # 1) again so that as you rollover your buddies you will notice ‘Edit List’ having a lower arrow alongside it. Whenever you hover within the arrow, their email list name can look this friend already is associated with. Click on the arrow and all sorts of your presently setup lists can look. This really is a different way to add these to a current list.


You can include one friend to several list.

You could have as much as 100 friend lists with no more than 1,000 buddies per list. I suppose that needs to be enough to begin with…

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