​Two inferior characteristics of a novice

One should understand that seekers [may] have two [inferior] characteristics. What are these two? The first is the fondness for miscellaneous phrases (quotes) and literary embellishment. The second is their lack of fear of penetrating deeply into the actualities of profound meanings. One should understand that it is novice seekers who are fond of miscellaneous … Continue reading ​Two inferior characteristics of a novice

​The unexcelled accomplishment

THE AWAKENED SEEKER The perfect seeker always exerts himself with magnificent heroic effort, striving to purify the development of both self and other. Gradually, with supreme, impeccable, and nonconceptual intelligence, he attains the unexcelled accomplishment. The purification of the three spheres should be understood as the nondiscernment of practitioner, to-be-practiced, and actual practice through the … Continue reading ​The unexcelled accomplishment