​Arduous journey to Buddhahood

THE WORDS OF THE VARIOUS BUDDHAS NEVER DIFFER  The hero of the world is unfathomable. Among heavenly beings or the people of the world, among all living beings, none can understand the Buddha. The Buddha’s power, fearlessness, emancipation and meditations and the Buddha’s other attributes no one can reckon or fathom. Earlier, under the guidance … Continue reading ​Arduous journey to Buddhahood

​Buddhahood resembles an inexhaustible mine of jewels

THE PATH TO BUDHAHOOD Through countless hundreds of ordeals and countless gatherings of virtue, destroying countless obscurations over immeasurable periods of time, transcendent superknowledges (the unmistaken knowledge of all phenomena as suffering, impermanent, empty, and selfless) is attained: unspoiled by any obscuration, it is celebrated as buddhahood, like a casket of jewels thrown open. Having … Continue reading ​Buddhahood resembles an inexhaustible mine of jewels