​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach

THE CHOSEN ONE(S): A self-initiated task and pre-ordained destiny Messiahs or Avatars are beings who have developed and transcended their own human and divine natures. They are free from human limitation, from selfish and separative behaviors. Having achieved a measure of demonstrated perfection and unity or identification with God, they have a unique capacity and … Continue reading ​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach

​From Sariputra to the World-honored One

THE ART OF TEACHING WITHOUT TEACHING Sariputra said to the Buddha, requesting him to Teach (lecture) the assembly: Dharma King, none more highly honored, speak, we beg you, without reserve! In this assembly of numberless beings are those capable of reverent belief. The Buddha responded, hinting at a lack of urgency in Teaching: Stop, stop, … Continue reading ​From Sariputra to the World-honored One

​Mahayana—the forgotten path of the Buddhas

The Buddha said to Śāriputra: If one were to explain The consequences of the errors Of those who disparage this teaching of perfect enlightenment, It would take more than countless centuries. For that reason I am now telling you Never to expound this teaching To those who have little wisdom. You should teach it Only … Continue reading ​Mahayana—the forgotten path of the Buddhas