​Buddhahood resembles an inexhaustible mine of jewels

THE PATH TO BUDHAHOOD Through countless hundreds of ordeals and countless gatherings of virtue, destroying countless obscurations over immeasurable periods of time, transcendent superknowledges (the unmistaken knowledge of all phenomena as suffering, impermanent, empty, and selfless) is attained: unspoiled by any obscuration, it is celebrated as buddhahood, like a casket of jewels thrown open. Having … Continue reading ​Buddhahood resembles an inexhaustible mine of jewels

The salvific power of the Christ

Through arduous effort and single-minded worship and reverence,  one’s  mind  is transformed  by  the  Christ's  power,  so  that one acquires  the  Christ's  wisdom.  This realization  of  unconditional humility  [‘trust’, i.e.  self-abandonment] is  not  a  union  of  our minds  and  the  Buddha’s [Christ is another name for Buddha Maitreya]  mind  brought about  through  a  gradual deepening … Continue reading The salvific power of the Christ

Future history of Maitreya

Maitreya's great  personal  influence  was  due  to his singularly  amiable  character,  which  made him beloved  of  all  his  friends  and acquaintances.... He offered,  in  the  gentlest  and most  persuasive  form,  a  simple  and  attractive teaching...which  offered  salvation  to  those who could  justify  themselves  neither  by  learning nor  by  good  works.

Messianic resolve of the bodhisattvas

The brave bodhisattva's messianic resolve For beings consists both of the desire for Pleasant results for them in future lives and Of the desire to get them engaged in virtue just in this life, As well as of the desire for perfect enlightenment; On all stages, the resolve is progressively pure. ... These geniuses, on … Continue reading Messianic resolve of the bodhisattvas