​Nirvana is so profound and yet invisible

Enlightenment can be infused into the nature and put to use without being exhausted. It is so deep and subtle like an abyss that is the origin of all things. It is complete and perfect as a wholeness that can: Round off sharp edges of the mind; Resolve confusion; Harmonize all realizations with the glory; … Continue reading ​Nirvana is so profound and yet invisible

​The Genesis of Western Deities—a treatise

ILLUMINATING PATHS IN THE SPLENDOR OF THEIR OWN ANCIENT PROPHECIES-COME-TRUE IF THE standard reference works mention Yahweh at all, it is only to explain, with hollow erudition, that the original form of His name was YHWH, and that it was turned into Jehovah in the Eighth Century A.D. by giving YHWH the vowels of Adonai. … Continue reading ​The Genesis of Western Deities—a treatise