​The nature of maturity as excellent intelligence

The nature of maturity as excellent intelligence consists of purity of development, mindfulness not to forget one's learning and so forth and to gain insight into the well-said and ill-said, and adeptness in generating great understanding.  Its cause is purity of development consistent with intelligence. The actuality of maturity as intelligence is that mindfulness (both) … Continue reading ​The nature of maturity as excellent intelligence

​Role of emotional intelligence in leadership and profession

Early in your career — whether it’s in banking, law, consulting or accounting — you will discover that all of your colleagues are as smart and hard working as you. You’ll learn that the key to being successful must be something else. The critical distinguishing factor for advancing in the professional services is emotional intelligence … Continue reading ​Role of emotional intelligence in leadership and profession


Preliminary: Individuality is not personality: Personality is given generously by the society to us. Individuality is one’s intrinsic nature. Personality is fake, artificial, gloss, a fraud. Individuality is your innermost Buddha-nature, your innermost enlightenment, your innermost door to the divine. Intellectuality is not intelligence: To be intellectual is to be phony; it is a pretending … Continue reading ​INTELLECTUALITY IS NOT INTELLIGENCE