​How small the past Buddha must have been!

THE HIDDEN GENEALOGY OF THE BUDDHAS Maitreya’s renunciation will parallel that of Gautama, but after seeing the four sights, he will spend only a week practicing the austerities, in contrast to Gautama's six years. He will sit under a naga tree and will attain enlightenment. The Divyavadana story of the Tathagata Maitreya's noble act of … Continue reading ​How small the past Buddha must have been!

​Buddhist stories concerning Maitreya

ON THE LINEAGE OF THE FUTURE BUDDHA In the Mahavastu account the Buddha Sakyamuni narrates to Mogallana his countless previous births during which he served thousands of Buddhas. In the middle of this narration, there is a reference to Maitreya. While speaking about a Buddha called Suprabhasa, Sakyamuni says: "Suprabhasa was the name of the … Continue reading ​Buddhist stories concerning Maitreya

​From Sariputra to the World-honored One

THE ART OF TEACHING WITHOUT TEACHING Sariputra said to the Buddha, requesting him to Teach (lecture) the assembly: Dharma King, none more highly honored, speak, we beg you, without reserve! In this assembly of numberless beings are those capable of reverent belief. The Buddha responded, hinting at a lack of urgency in Teaching: Stop, stop, … Continue reading ​From Sariputra to the World-honored One

​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki

KALKI AVATAR As the 10,000 year period of the Golden Age within Kali-yuga comes to a close, the lower modes of material nature will become so strong that people will lose interest in spiritual topics. Everyone will become godless. The devotees, bhaktas, and sages that are left on the planet by this time will be … Continue reading ​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki