​The pensive Buddha—Part II

His peaceful countenance was neither happy nor sad. He seemed to be smiling gently inwardly. With a secret smile, not unlike that of a healthy child, he walked along, peacefully, quietly. He wore his gown and walked along exactly like the other monks, but his face and his step, his peaceful downward glance, his peaceful … Continue reading ​The pensive Buddha—Part II

​An elixir for restoring youth

The precious book of salvation Later Chinese Buddhism texts for the most part continue the tradition of Maitreya as one  of a series of saviors. For example, an eighteenth-century text, The precious book of salvation brought by Maitreya, is in the form of vignettes concerning several incarnations of Maitreya, who adopts various guises to save … Continue reading ​An elixir for restoring youth

The ‘secret’ role of the Thus Come One

​Spirit of Early Chinese Buddhism However religious his basic task and intention, Maitreya could thus appear as a symbol of a different system of order and authority in the world, and hence it is not surprising that he was often viewed with suspicion by official investigators. Nonetheless, in the scripture texts themselves his role is … Continue reading The ‘secret’ role of the Thus Come One

​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki

KALKI AVATAR As the 10,000 year period of the Golden Age within Kali-yuga comes to a close, the lower modes of material nature will become so strong that people will lose interest in spiritual topics. Everyone will become godless. The devotees, bhaktas, and sages that are left on the planet by this time will be … Continue reading ​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki