​Buddhist stories concerning Maitreya

ON THE LINEAGE OF THE FUTURE BUDDHA In the Mahavastu account the Buddha Sakyamuni narrates to Mogallana his countless previous births during which he served thousands of Buddhas. In the middle of this narration, there is a reference to Maitreya. While speaking about a Buddha called Suprabhasa, Sakyamuni says: "Suprabhasa was the name of the … Continue reading ​Buddhist stories concerning Maitreya

​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach

THE CHOSEN ONE(S): A self-initiated task and pre-ordained destiny Messiahs or Avatars are beings who have developed and transcended their own human and divine natures. They are free from human limitation, from selfish and separative behaviors. Having achieved a measure of demonstrated perfection and unity or identification with God, they have a unique capacity and … Continue reading ​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach


The enlightened teaching of the supremely awakened ones is not merely a philosophy; rather, it is a practice, a blueprint for blissful living. Proper meditation (the art of meditating without meditating) is the only way to enlightenment and to achieve the goal of the Great Teaching. For this to happen, one has to practice diligently … Continue reading ​THE ART AND SCIENCE OF REBIRTH