The enlightened teaching of the supremely awakened ones is not merely a philosophy; rather, it is a practice, a blueprint for blissful living. Proper meditation (the art of meditating without meditating) is the only way to enlightenment and to achieve the goal of the Great Teaching. For this to happen, one has to practice diligently … Continue reading ​THE ART AND SCIENCE OF REBIRTH

Future history of Maitreya

Maitreya's great  personal  influence  was  due  to his singularly  amiable  character,  which  made him beloved  of  all  his  friends  and acquaintances.... He offered,  in  the  gentlest  and most  persuasive  form,  a  simple  and  attractive teaching...which  offered  salvation  to  those who could  justify  themselves  neither  by  learning nor  by  good  works.