Art of guarding alertness

THE PATH OF THE GENIUS Mindfulness is one of the great determining mental  factors that  prevent forgetfulness. Mental alertness, which is a faculty of the mind, maintains a conscious watch for inclination of the mind towards mental dullness or agitation especially during meditation. ... It is better to be without wealth, Honor, body and livelihood, … Continue reading Art of guarding alertness

To live in excellence of conscience

One is truly a Seeker who is loving, Lives in excellence of conscience, Fearlessly endures challenges (tribulations), Is not attached to one's own happiness and bliss, Who holds mindfulness - mind placed in equipoise - most dear, Whose self is well concentrated - endowed with nonconceptual intuition, And who does waver their dedication to Attainment … Continue reading To live in excellence of conscience

Of the spectacularly enlightened mind

THE ORIGINAL MIND Once you recognize your blissfully still and miraculously aware nature, yours is the mind of all Buddhas or supremely enlightened ones. Buddhas of the past, present and future only talk about transcending the ordinary mind. They teach nothing else. If someone sincerely understands this teaching, even if he’s illiterate, that person becomes … Continue reading Of the spectacularly enlightened mind