Greed begets delusion – Part II

The  Mulla  found  a  rusty  coin  by  the roadside. He  took  it  to the  market,  where  a  jeweller said:  "This  is  a  valuable antique", and  gave him  five  silver pieces for  it. " I'll  invest this in cloth", thought Nasrudin. A  merchant,  anxious to  get  rid  of  some  surplus  material, sold him his entire  stock … Continue reading Greed begets delusion – Part II

Truth is beyond all philosophizing

The taste of universal love Nasrudin said to his wife: “Honey is delicious, curative, precious, beautiful, quite my favorite thing”. His wife said: “What about it?” Nasrudin started again: “Just a moment, I haven’t finished... Honey is bad for you, causes disease, is made by insects and is therefore unwholesome!” “How can you have two … Continue reading Truth is beyond all philosophizing

Humor: The dilemma of the mystic and his enlightenment

The concept of the unteachable The Sufi story below provides a dramatic illustration of how a person discovers the inexpressible state-of-being, then they discover that everybody in the world talks about it but all the words and phrases that may be used to express this indescribable state fall short of the true meaning. It is … Continue reading Humor: The dilemma of the mystic and his enlightenment