On Freedom and Democracy

              Democracy is the most important progression in the modern world. Advancement in democracy in the world results from social pressures that are exerted the existing governance mechanisms where political ideas morph into intelligible and practical democracy models that would otherwise “blind and undirected” if they should they fail to be implemented (Christiano 77). … Continue reading On Freedom and Democracy

​Reason: the preserve of the few—the majority prefers nonsense

The economy is governed spiritually and intellectually by technical and organizational ideas and institutions. New techniques, new organizations, new combinations, are expressions of the spirit. They originate in the mind of a single individual, never in a multitude of individuals, never collectively. Even if an industrial enterprise is subject to the decisions of a collective … Continue reading ​Reason: the preserve of the few—the majority prefers nonsense

​In defense of Friedrich Nietzsche

THE MIRAGE OF PHILOSOPHY MUCH OF the modern world’s blabber against Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is grounded upon the doctrine that his capacity for consecutive thought was clearly limited. In support of the doctrine his critics cite the fact that most of his books are no more than strings of apothegms, with the subject changing on … Continue reading ​In defense of Friedrich Nietzsche