​The unexcelled accomplishment

THE AWAKENED SEEKER The perfect seeker always exerts himself with magnificent heroic effort, striving to purify the development of both self and other. Gradually, with supreme, impeccable, and nonconceptual intelligence, he attains the unexcelled accomplishment. The purification of the three spheres should be understood as the nondiscernment of practitioner, to-be-practiced, and actual practice through the … Continue reading ​The unexcelled accomplishment

The unexcelled compassion of a seeker

The nature of the compassionate seeker's true maturity in her/his embrace of the holy Truth is evidenced in his/her delight in three endeavors: serving, learning from, and consciously attending to a spiritual friend (Guide), delight in intense efforts - boundless energetic initiative, and successful accomplishment which is an elimination of doubts about any of the … Continue reading The unexcelled compassion of a seeker

Evolutionary maturity of the perfect seeker

Delight (in enlightenment), faith (in the Spiritual Teacher), serenity, sympathy for other beings, tolerance in undergoing hardships, intelligence in apprehension, retention and insight penetration, strength in practicable realization, unassailability by rivals, and completeness -- the perfect seeker is endowed with all of these superior qualities to a high degree. This is the perfect definition of … Continue reading Evolutionary maturity of the perfect seeker