Taking Back My Freedom And Living My Existence Like It’s Golden

“I am taking my freedom

Pulling it out of the box

Using it my chain

Putting on it ’round my neck

I am taking my freedom

Putting it within my vehicle

Wherever I decide to go

It will require me far

I am living my existence like it’s golden… ” Jill Scott – Golden Lyrics


The above mentioned song by Jill Scott, “Golden”, continues to be a part of my mantra each time which i feel my existence going everywhere. That informs me that I am not heading towards my North Star. For a long time my existence hasn’t felt like mine. How to others that could seem crazy simply because I’ve traveled extensively, danced and competed in Latin competitions along with a slew of other activities. While my soul was fully engaged with regards to my passion for everything Brazilian, outdoors of this I felt as though I had been living my existence on auto-pilot. Irrrve never felt free completely. It required a number of occasions to create me understand that my subconscious was tightly keeping several things from my childhood which was keeping a good hold over me. Yes, I felt empowered to create a lot to choose from, however, it had not been fully originating from me, my soul and my spiritual self. I understood several things, had studied several things, learned several things, however they were just things. None from it had fully arrived at deep lower into my soul therefore i felt like I had been held in a existence that wasn’t really mine. At first glance I had been doing a few things i was enthusiastic about, but my existence didn’t seem like I had been living my passion. It had been like I had been on the high at some point and so the feeling would gradually disappear. The time had come I required stock of my existence where it had been heading. The time had come to re-align my inner existence compass in order that it began pointing towards my North Star.

To reside our way of life like its golden really should not ended up costing much. It’s not something we have to pencil directly into our calendars. Living our existence like its golden may come naturally to all of us. However, if we’ve been living a existence full of obligations, should, must, have to’s, guilt, self-judgments and self-criticisms then living our existence like its golden will seem very frivolous. We reside in a world that views living a existence full of struggle, complaining, kvetching, worry is common, but living a existence full of love, happiness, laughter, pleasure, beauty and getting fun is viewed as childish, immature and coping with our heads within the clouds. It’s Suitable for children, but Adults ought to be serious, be worried about money, and find out existence like a struggle, as difficult so we should begin to see the world inside a fearful light. Honestly, it’s so hard that i can sit lower and kvetch in regards to a existence that’s hard which cash is tricky to find and that i can’t go anywhere because cash is not around. Good lord, no. Personally i think sick basically do make an effort to view existence as limited. That’s the reason Irrrve never felt free. There is an interior struggle inside me between the way i was developed to view existence and just how I needed to determine existence. That’s the reason my existence felt stuck and felt trapped. However, after i see existence as unlimited, abundance-filled, vast and expansive, I’ve found that things flow in my experience effortlessly.

Taking our existence lower a way that isn’t familiar to individuals you increased up around may appear for them just like you are acting as if you are superior to them. They might feel that you’re acting just like you are extremely all set through the things they experienced. With that front they’re absolutely right. However, you aren’t acting as if you are superior to them. On the other hand, you will know there’s a much better existence available, a contented, peaceful and contented existence that’s abundant-full, enriched existence, wealth and elegance. That’s where taking our freedom from out of the box and putting on it just like a second skin. If we are living a existence of worry, stress, and struggle for the money we live our way of life in fear.

Living our way of life in freedom not just provides for us a proper existence, it provides us reassurance understanding that whatever our existence needs it’ll arrived at us freely. What we should fear persevere. Therefore the more we be worried about cash is the greater money will elude us. The greater we stress over our illness, the greater our illness can get worse. Yes, we are able to laugh our method to a freedom filled existence. We are able to dance our method to a contented existence. We are able to live our way of life like its golden. Why live our existence every other way?

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