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The Best Dog Breeds For Children

Responsibility, commitment, loyalty – these are all values that a dog can instil in your kids. As a parent, it’s always nice when somebody else does the parenting for once! Before buying a dog, however, you need to research the topic thoroughly as there are certain dog breeds for children and others that aren’t as constructive. Just like you wouldn’t leave your kids alone with an American pitbull, you don’t want a beagle to teach them the value of bolting whenever they see something they like.

To help, this post has compiled a list of the best breeds for kids. Carry on reading to find the inspiration you need to choose a perfect companion.

King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniels are small and compact, which makes them perfect for kids. Whether you need to get everyone in a car or rely on your teenagers to take it for a walk, you know there won’t be any hassle. But, it’s their personality that is the most crucial factor. A King Charles Spaniel is a friendly dog breed and will get along with anybody, human, dog or cat. So, you won’t have to fret about introducing a new member of the family to your pet and all the potential risks that come with it.


As far as dogs on the cuteness scale go, there aren’t many that rank as highly as a pug. Perfect for sitting and cuddling on the couch, this breed will teach your children the value of love and commitment. On the flip side, they are also quite needy in certain aspects. Take their diet as an example. Pugs can’t eat human food, so they are no table scraps allowed, only specialist meals from Barking Heads. By giving the kids the responsibility to take care of the dog’s meals will show them how to be there for someone and something other than themselves. Selflessness is a commodity at any age.

Alaskan Malamute

Essentially a husky, an Alaskan Malamute is a pack animal that is loyal to the bone. For parents, this means they will be there for your kids regardless of the situation. An intruder could make their way into your home, or another dog could get aggressive, but the Malamute doesn’t care. Aside from its reliability, it’s also energetic and requires plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Considering kids can be lazy, these traits make them an excellent workout partner.

Wheaten Terrier

One of the worst parts of owning a dog is hygiene – canines aren’t the cleanest of animals. However, some, like the Wheaten terrier, have hypoallergenic coats that don’t collect (must) dust, dirt or bacteria. That means you don’t have to worry about them passing on illnesses or irritating your kids’ allergies when they moult. Wheaten terriers don’t really moult so that’s one less problem to worry about, too. On top of this, they are exuberant and playful and fantastic playmates for young children.

What do you find the most vital feature in a pet? Whatever it is, you should focus on it/them when you choose a dog to introduce to your family.

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