Why Do You Need A Water Filter Such As The Big Berkey?

Water can contain chemicals, minerals, dirt and other impurities that make it taste and smell bad. The worst part of this is that these contaminants can actually harm your health. This can be particularly bad when the water contains tiny bacteria and organisms. So, you need to ensure that you get a water filter such as the Big Berkey that allows you to purify water of your entire family. After all, it is able to remove all impurities and make the water safe to drink. In some occasions, it may even improve how water tastes.

#1: Reduce Minerals:

Water tends to contain many minerals including iron, manganese, and calcium. While these may not harm your health, the truth is that they add an unpleasant taste to the water that you drink. Some people even refer to this tase as metallic.

The reality is that such minerals such as manganese or iron are the ones responsible for causing some clothing stains. In addition, they can also contribute to the discoloring of certain dishes or even porcelain. Another thing that you may not know about minerals is that they tend to build up in water pipes. This makes the pipes to clog and reduce the water pressure, which can lead to plumbing problems.

#2: Sediment Removal:

Sediments are impurities that don’t usually harm your health as well even though they contribute to an unpleasant taste of the water that you drink.

In your regular water systems, there are some mechanical filters that are used to remove debris, leaves, dirt, clay particles, and silt in the water. These filters can be made of different materials that include paper, ceramic, fabric and even metal screens. Most water filtration systems tend to use paper filters that can be easily replaced.

#3: Pathogen Removal:

Unlike the previous two, pathogens do harm your health. The truth is that using a filtering system for your water is crucial to ensure that you are keeping parasites and bacteria away from your drinking water.

One of these pathogens is called Giardiasis. This can cause diarrhea and it can last for 6 weeks. This is a microscopic parasite that can survive for many months and it can be easily ingested from water that is contaminated by human or animal feces.

Another parasite that can truly harm your health is the cryptosporidium. This parasite is resistant to chlorine and it needs to be filtered out using mechanical filters.

#4: Lowering Chlorine:

Chlorine is probably the most well-known chemical that people know. After all, it serves to treat most municipal water utility companies. This is a very affordable method and it’s not only easy to use as it is also very effective to kill bacteria. In addition, it can also kill viruses.

Despite its clear advantages, the reality is that chlorine can make drinking water taste and smell unpleasantly. Besides, it is important to notice that it may react with some metals to form hazardous compounds.

#5: Pesticide And Chemical Removal:

While you may not like to know this, the reality is that this is the truth, Pesticide residue in drinking water may be increasing because it is easy for modern organic pesticides to dissolve in water and they can simply get into the water supply. While this wasn’t a reality back in the 1940s since pesticides didn’t dissolve easily, this is no longer true.

The best way to solve this issue is to use carbon filters that can remove both volatile compounds as well as pesticides from drinking water.

#6: Removing Dangerous Lead:

You need to be aware that lead is toxic. This is why it is absolutely crucial that you use a water filtration system such as the Big Berkey to remove it from drinking water.

The most common way for lead to get into your drinking water is when it seeps from old plumbing pipes or the solder that was used to join them together.

The best way to remove leads from drinking water is by using reverse osmosis filters, carbon filters, and distillation.

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